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Date Published Title News Source
06/02/2009 Investigators Mull Cause Of Flight Disappearance NPR
05/12/2009 Experts question flight experience
01/24/2009 Summit to explore prevention of bird-related plane crashes The Charlotte Observer
01/15/2009 Crash Highlights Danger Of Bird Strikes CBS Evening News
04/07/2009 John Goglia to Lecture at K-State
01/17/2006 FAA: Alaska Airlines safely maintains planes' jackscrews USA Today
06/18/2009 Autopsies suggest Air France jet broke up in sky Associated Press
06/12/2009 Three more bodies found from lost Air France jet Hurriyet
08/10/2009 NYC crash brings calls for tighter airspace rules
07/10/2009 Obama plane incident could have been disaster
07/11/2009 Crew kept everyone safe on Obama flight last year
07/10/2009 Obama plane emergency could have been a disaster NTV ABC
06/18/2009 Autopsies suggest AF 447 broke up in sky Associated Press
05/11/2009 Buffalo Pilot Was Improperly Trained, Report Shows South Florida CBS 4
03/24/2009 Three Families Killed in Montana Plane Crash FoxNews
03/26/2009 Family's ski vacation turns tragic Wallowa County Chieftan
03/24/2009 Montana plane crash: ice on wings may be to blame The Sydney Morning Herald
02/15/2009 Ice possible cause of plane crash Taipei Times
01/18/2009 Investigators review radar for signs of birds
01/31/2009 NASA: Birds Cause More Than 24 Dangerous Flight Mishaps in Past Two Years FoxNews
01/31/2009 Birds cause aborted takeoffs, emergency landings The Hindu News
12/07/2010 Officials cite 'layers of failure' in copter crash Associated Press
10/27/2010 The Unsafe Edge: Safety Board Less Aggressive in Last Decade The Cutting Edge
12/22/2010 Report fails to explain cause of plane crash
04/14/2010 Tech Forum