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Date Published Title News Source
06/18/2009 Autopsies suggest Air France jet broke up in sky The Independent
06/18/2009 Air France flight AF447 'broke up midair', say experts The Australian
06/17/2009 Autopsies suggest Air France jet broke up in sky The Guardian
06/12/2009 Three more bodies found from lost Air France jet Hurriyet
06/12/2009 3 more bodies found from lost Air France jetliner The Guardian
06/12/2009 Air France crash: Brazilian ship recovers three more bodies The Telegraph
06/11/2009 IDs of Air France victims could prove jet broke up The Guardian
06/02/2009 Investigators Mull Cause Of Flight Disappearance NPR
05/12/2009 Experts question flight experience
05/12/2009 Hearing today on crash of Flight 3407
05/11/2009 Buffalo Pilot Was Improperly Trained, Report Shows South Florida CBS 4
05/11/2009 Report focuses on pilot of Flight 3407
04/07/2009 John Goglia to Lecture at K-State
03/26/2009 Family's ski vacation turns tragic Wallowa County Chieftan
03/24/2009 Ice on Wings May Be Factor in Plane Crash The Washington Post
03/24/2009 Three Families Killed in Montana Plane Crash FoxNews
03/24/2009 Was Ice a Factor in Montana Plane Crash? ABC News
03/24/2009 Montana plane crash: ice on wings may be to blame The Sydney Morning Herald
03/24/2009 Montana crash probe shifts to ice on wings The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
03/23/2009 California doctor Erin Jacobson and his entire family killed in Montana plane crash NY Daily News
02/23/2009 FAA Testing Radar To Avoid Bird Strikes CBS Evening News
02/16/2009 Buffalo Crash Inquiry Pauses for Somber Visit The New York Times
02/15/2009 Ice possible cause of plane crash Taipei Times
02/13/2009 Icing, longtime problem, is NY air crash suspect FoxNews
02/13/2009 Icing, Longtime Problem, Is NY Air Crash Suspect ABC News